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Author Topic: Synth Dreads for ME!  (Read 6339 times)  Share 

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Synth Dreads for ME!
« on: 16 Apr 14 / 12:46 AM »
Hey everyone!  I know I've not been around much these last few months.  We were busy moving house and getting settled, and then there's just been a lot of life to live.  I've also not been doing much with my hair since I have been growing it out for dreads - and after not having it trimmed in over 3 months, I was really beginning to hate it and it was bringing me down.  Well, it was SO worth the wait (custom ordered the dreads) and the funky hair growing stage... because I am in LOVE with the dreads.  :D

I ordered them from Imp and Petal out of Oregon, USA.  She was a dream to work with... and her work is truly extraordinary.  I'm hoping to grow my own hair long enough to lock eventually, and then I'll install the synth dreads as permanent extensions.

Thanks for letting me share!    *cheers*


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Re: Synth Dreads for ME!
« Reply #1 on: 16 Apr 14 / 12:51 AM »
Those. Are. Fantastic! They really suit you, and they look so natural! Thanks for the info on where you ordered them, too.

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Re: Synth Dreads for ME!
« Reply #2 on: 16 Apr 14 / 11:19 AM »
Oh my, that is gorgeous! Love how they look on you, looks awesome!

Mindi Kellaway

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Re: Synth Dreads for ME!
« Reply #3 on: 16 Apr 14 / 11:36 AM »
Stunning! They really suit you! Are they single ended or double ended ones? Fantastic colour match too! So. Much. Dread. Envy!

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Re: Synth Dreads for ME!
« Reply #4 on: 16 Apr 14 / 11:53 AM »
Your dreads look amazing! They really suit you. I have hair envy hehe. Are they heavy?
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Re: Synth Dreads for ME!
« Reply #5 on: 16 Apr 14 / 01:50 PM »
I've been waiting for these--they look fantastic!


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Re: Synth Dreads for ME!
« Reply #6 on: 16 Apr 14 / 09:27 PM »
Gorgeous dreads, they look amazing on you :)


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Re: Synth Dreads for ME!
« Reply #7 on: 17 Apr 14 / 02:02 PM »
Thanks everyone!!!  :)  I LOVE them!  They aren't terribly heavy.  They are more bulky than anything.  When they're wet - oh god are they heavy then!!!  And they take a freakin' age to dry (8+ hours).  But they are so much awesome.  I didn't expect to love them quite as much as I do.

Mindi, they are mostly DE.  I have 40 DE and 10 SE, mainly so I could try both styles out.  My hairdresser installed some of the SE's around the hairline in the front so that there wouldn't be as much bulk.  She said they were much more difficult to install and keep tight with my short hair than the DE dreads.

I've had them installed now since 8 April.  The itching set in within a few days.  I shampoo'd my scalp with Dr. Bronners on 11 April and that helped a lot.  I also made a homemade cooling spray with water, tea tree, lavender and peppermint EO's.  I keep that in a spritz bottle in my refrigerator and use that on my scalp when the itch gets bothersome.  I've got a bit of dandruff starting along my hair line in the front... but the cooling spray seems to help (tea tree is good for dandruff).  I had her leave my fringe out and some of the hair along the sides.  I don't really like wearing the fringe as much as I thought, so next time I'll have her put the dreads further forward.

ETA: I have terribly sensitive skin and an eczema rash on my outer forearms.  I had a reaction to the kanekalon before I had the extensions installed.  I searched online and talked to the gal who made the dreads and it was suggested to soak them in hot water with ACV for about 20 minutes, then rinse well and dry.  I did that, then I split them into two bundles and tied them in a pillow case before tossing them into the clothes dryer to dry (I had no time to wait for them to air dry as my install was booked for that evening).  It worked a treat!  I've not had anymore trouble.  I guess there is a base applied to the synthetic hair that is very alkaline and can cause quite a reaction in some.  Soaking in the ACV strips that base.  Problem solved!  :D


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Re: Synth Dreads for ME!
« Reply #8 on: 18 Apr 14 / 12:09 PM »
Wow! They look lovely! Major hair envy!


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Re: Synth Dreads for ME!
« Reply #9 on: 22 Jun 14 / 12:52 PM »
I like this. That hairstyle suits you


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