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Author Topic: Extensions fitting  (Read 2104 times)  Share 

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Extensions fitting
« on: 12 Apr 14 / 12:41 AM »
Hi ladies i am currently using Japanese Kanekalon synthetic hair extensions only thing is i cant get them to stick in my hair.
They are clip in extensions double weft 8 pieces....
My question is do i start with the 4 clip at base of my head or the 1 clip?
Really need some help as my fella is taking me out tomorrow night and have had to go back to black due to interviews and wanna do summat nice lol x
Gonna be all dolled up so ladies any help is greatly appreciated!!


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Re: Extensions fitting
« Reply #1 on: 12 Apr 14 / 08:13 PM »
What piece to use where is mostly personal preference as head shapes vary. Usually the largest one will go at the back of the head. Play around with putting them in different spots and see what you like. My last set had a 6 clip piece for the back of the head and it was too big (I have a tiny head) so I wore 2 2 clip pieces in the back instead and a single clip on either side.

To get them to stay in your hair part your hair horizontally then back comb it lightly. The clips will hole much better when the hair is back combed.


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Re: Extensions fitting
« Reply #2 on: 12 Apr 14 / 10:58 PM »
Spritz a bit of hair spray there too to help the clips grip.  This guide might help you too. I literally just shove them in, small ones at the bottom then put the rest in wherever. That's usually because I sew them together though but when I got my lush double wefted ones I didn't need to sew them, so I put them in properly and they did actually look more natural :)


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Re: Extensions fitting
« Reply #3 on: 14 Apr 14 / 10:28 AM »
Spritz a bit of hair spray there too to help the clips grip. 

This is what I do, and any stubborn ones I pop a kirby grip in over the top of the clip so it can't fidgit


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