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Author Topic: What's Your Creative Passion?  (Read 2885 times)  Share 

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What's Your Creative Passion?
« on: 09 Jun 14 / 04:01 PM »
I know there's a thread on "creative people" with pictures of artwork and stuff, but what about those passions we can't really post pictures of.  My creative passion is *loveeyes* DANCE *loveeyes*, and I'm properly getting back into dancing finally for the first time since I moved to the UK in 2005... I'm loving it!

I've always danced off and on, I think since I was three years old... a bit of everything: ballet, tap, jazz, modern, street, lyrical, and some ethnic.  Also did three years of bellydancing before I left the States.  One of my street/jazz instructors in the US, Michelle Johnston, starred in the film "A Chorus Line" (this is her!), and though I was still just finding my ground back then in my teens, I think her style and instruction probably made the most impact on my love of dance.

In my twenties, I had the opportunity to teach (kids, teens, and adults), choreograph, and perform, and those experiences were what really strengthened my own form and technique.  I absolutely LOVED choreographing and would listen to tracks in my car whilst driving and envisioned movements, then I'd try them out when I got home.  (Yes, I kept my eyes on the road too!)

So anyway, I'm just in love with a new street dance class I've joined, and there's also the opportunity to perform in the future, so I'm really excited!

Anyone else into dance?

If not, what is your creative passion?


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Re: What's Your Creative Passion?
« Reply #1 on: 10 Jun 14 / 03:04 PM »

No seriously - I'm a bit weird in that I absolutely adore anything creative - but I'm absolutely rubbish at doing it myself.  Music is my passion - I live for music - but I'm not a musician and never will be (not for want of trying though!).  I'm definitely not an artist but really admire art.  I do sometimes write poetry and people have told me it's good - but I can't plan writing it - it just comes to me occasionally and I capture it. 

I love creativity - but don't have the vision that goes with it to come up with the ideas for it in the first place.  I live too much for 'now' to really plan things. 

My personality is pretty creative - I'm chaotic and enjoy constant change, and I'm loud, bouncy, energetic, and generally a happy person (at least - I've learned to be) - so  my creative passion is "being me" I guess. 


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Re: What's Your Creative Passion?
« Reply #2 on: 10 Jun 14 / 03:48 PM »

My personality is pretty creative - I'm chaotic and enjoy constant change, and I'm loud, bouncy, energetic, and generally a happy person (at least - I've learned to be) - so  my creative passion is "being me" I guess.
This is pretty poetic  and deep.

I usually either have ideas what I wanna do and then never get around to actually doing it, or I have time and wanna do something + forgot all I planned and have no ideas.

Things I wanted to create (maybe possibly I might remember this thread when I'm bored again?) :

A castle out of cardboard box with maybe a path for rolling marbles. It may double function as cat house if I ever manage to get a cat.
A bird made from beads (present for my mum)
Other animals made from beads to have a zoo
Sock poi (too cheap to buy some; self made are said to be better)
A naked sexy picture for my bf (he wanted to draw an act picture, he says :D)

 to be continued...


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Re: What's Your Creative Passion?
« Reply #3 on: 10 Jun 14 / 07:52 PM »
@SoniaJM, that is so brilliant to hear!  Poetry and music are such beautiful types of art, but I really know what you mean about not being able to 'plan' creativity.  I sadly majored in art/illustration in college, but my creativity was so forced with that type of art, I just didn't enjoy it.  I loved it when it came naturally... creativity really can't be planned!

I think "life" is an amazing answer - your creativity is probably spontaneous, and it sounds like you really appreciate the beauty in things/life.

@Lily, I know what you mean as well, having loads of ideas but just not getting the time to get to them properly.  I love the ideas you posted, especially the bead animals, how fun!  You mean like 3-dimensional creatures?  Beads secured with wire or something?  Gawd, now I want to do that, lol.

Also love the idea of a cat house. :D


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Re: What's Your Creative Passion?
« Reply #4 on: 11 Jun 14 / 08:22 AM »
Yes they go 3 dimensional, and are built with wire in the beads in a certain pattern. My mum amd I used to build them when I was little, but they got lost. If I manage to make one I'll post a pic :)
I know exactly what you mean with forced creativity. When you "have to", it just works so much worse.


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Re: What's Your Creative Passion?
« Reply #5 on: 11 Jun 14 / 08:47 AM »
I'm a singer! Pretty much the only creativity I have haha. I'm pretty bad with art (drawing, painting, etc.) though I am pretty good at creating simple but pretty flyers and I'm pretty killer at doodling (I hear that can be hard for some people). I do want to get some embroidery floss and start to make friendship bracelets and I also want to learn how to crochet!  :D


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Re: What's Your Creative Passion?
« Reply #6 on: 11 Jun 14 / 02:22 PM »
Creative writing. I am quite good but never developed it fully. I do write a lot though. But it's hard to be able to put my ideas into a book. I write stories but my dream is a novel.


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Re: What's Your Creative Passion?
« Reply #7 on: 11 Jun 14 / 06:40 PM »
@Lily, oh yes please, post pictures if you make some... I'd love to see!

@satd_mcrmy, I've always wanted to be able to sing - either you have it or you don't, and what a great talent you've got!  I always loved graphic design-y stuff, like cards and flyers and posters too.  Crocheting is fun, but that's one of those things I just don't do!

@xo123, I bet you are a brilliant writer!  Hope you do get into that at some point, I think you have the talent.

Good stuff, gals :-*


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Re: What's Your Creative Passion?
« Reply #8 on: 05 Jul 14 / 11:55 PM »
I play drums in two bands.
Am also getting into cosplay and the costume design is totally improving my creative skills!

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Re: What's Your Creative Passion?
« Reply #9 on: 17 Jul 14 / 06:56 PM »
What a great thread @Alexia :)

I've played the piano ever since I can remember + I love it! I took lessons when I was 5 for a few months to learn how to read music + get some foundations, then again in 6th grade for a few months so I could play Moonlight Sonata. Other than that I've just taught myself. My biggest accomplishment with piano is memorizing Bach's Toccata and Fugue.

I used to dance too! Jazz, Modern + gymnastics
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Re: What's Your Creative Passion?
« Reply #10 on: 22 Jul 14 / 03:51 PM »
I've never found something i could completely pour myself into, but i have put some effort into pole dancing this year, and im getting some progress now.

Any Old Actress

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Re: What's Your Creative Passion?
« Reply #11 on: 23 Jul 14 / 04:05 PM »
I studied voice from the age of 12 - 32. I had the intention of going into opera until I started losing my hearing in my mid twenties due to a congenital medical condition. I still want to put some money aside for music composition software and write and record an epic album before my hearing worsens to the point of not being able to sing.

I took almost two years off from the acting side of things, due to serious personal hardship beyond my own body, but I'm hoping to at least attend an audition next month, come what may.

I loved to dance, but I was never sent to the right teachers as a child, and that really stunted my progress.


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Re: What's Your Creative Passion?
« Reply #12 on: 25 Jul 14 / 10:17 PM »
@blacklightbrix, how brilliant!  I did a bit of work backstage for a few school performances when I was younger, and I loved it, so costume design must be so fun.  Also dreamed of playing drums in high school!

@KatieSiepierski, you did mention you did dancing and gymnastics, high-5!  And how awesome you play piano... I did as well.  I excelled quite quickly from age 14 to about 20-something, then I gave it up.  Glad you're still doing it, I want to refresh my skills with the keyboard I've got now but just am not doing it!  My piano teacher taught me not to memorise pieces and to read the music more, not look down at my hands so much, lol.  Amazing you memorised Bach - I love those pieces!

@Swilks, I'm too chicken to try pole-dancing, but I'd love to!  There's a class at a local gym, but I think I'd make a fool of myself, lol.  It seems very creative and expressive.

@Any Old Actress, best of luck with the audition, please let us know how it goes.  You really should go for the album, you sound so musically-gifted!


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