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Author Topic: A timeline and a question or two  (Read 2287 times)  Share 

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A timeline and a question or two
« on: 10 Apr 14 / 03:06 AM »
This is almost all the changes I made to my hair this past year.
I have a question about orange directions dyes, which have a red base and which have yellow?

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Re: A timeline and a question or two
« Reply #1 on: 10 Apr 14 / 01:51 PM »
I love all your different hair colours. I'm not sure about Directions oranges, I think mandarin is red based (I used it once a while ago.) I would strongly recommend the adore oranges though, I've used a lot of orange dyes and in my opinion their oranges are really lovely.
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Re: A timeline and a question or two
« Reply #2 on: 16 Apr 14 / 03:43 PM »
 Red based oranges from Directions are coral red (between orange and red), tangerine and mandarin, and apricot is yellow based.

Naplam Orange and Hi Octane Orange from SFX are red based, though Hi Octane fades more yellowy orange

Adore's Sunrise orange is red toned and super bright, it's really pretty!

Always remember to consider what your hair is going to feel like after processing it BEFORE you do it! Test strands, treatments/oils are important when it comes to hair, but the most important thing is patience!


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