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Author Topic: bleach, demi... now what!?  (Read 2039 times)  Share 

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bleach, demi... now what!?
« on: 08 Apr 14 / 03:21 AM »
i've been trying to get back to my origional hair colour or close to. one day im sooo close only a couple shades away if that and i get a bright idea  ::) to bleach it one shade as if that would ever work. i was temporarily delusional. so obviously it turned horrible. it was like hay colored yellow. went to a salon and they put a demi over it. we figured out that i'm between a 7 and 8 neutral. so they went a couple shades darker to make sure they covered all of the yellowy blonde, they went when a mix of a 6 and 7 but it went much darker maybe a level 5. it's faded since and now im itching to just fix it myself! i know im horrible and will never learn my lesson, it a 6 now but with much too much red in it. what can i do to get it to a neutral 7/8? it's not really golden at all its more of a mousey dark blonde. any advice would be great!

Wicked Pixie

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Re: bleach, demi... now what!?
« Reply #1 on: 08 Apr 14 / 12:53 PM »
Hard to advise without a picture, but i would try and fade the current colour as much as possible first. Then neutralise the warm tones with either blue or violet depending on the colour you achieve.
Or you can use a colour remover, but that will take you back to the bleached colour. Then use a much cooler toned semi over it. There was no need to go so much darker just to ensure it covered the blonde, that was just an excuse IMO. You can tone out yellow with a very dilute violet dye, but it won't make your hair darker (if the bleachy blonde was much lighter than the colour you want.)
If you can post a pic it would really help.


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Re: bleach, demi... now what!?
« Reply #2 on: 08 Apr 14 / 09:00 PM »
sorry about the evil look, these are the only ones i have of my natural color.
the other is what my hair currently is, or close enough since i cant get a true color. it's not much of a difference, just a shade or two different and a little less red.


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