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Author Topic: Which lightening method to use?  (Read 2055 times)  Share 

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Which lightening method to use?
« on: 02 Apr 14 / 09:08 PM »
So I want to fade all the semi-perm Adore colour from my hair and maybe slightly lighten at the same.  If I only lighten my roots a bit that's fine.  My hair underneath is an orangey light brown, the roots are a medium mousy brown.   I'm not trying to go blonde but just even out my hair colour to get it ready for more Adore dye.  The first time I used Adore I used some dark colours which seemed to grab super dark in some places and doesn't seem to want to fade...

I've been reading different ways to fade and lighten on here, there's the bleach bath and then there's another way to use developer instead of bleach.  I'm not sure which one to use!
I've been using Joico reconstructor and coconut oil and my hair seems much healthier now.  There's just a couple pieces that still seem damaged in the back, they are a couple pieces I fried by trying to highlight them a couple months ago.  I haven't used peroxide or bleach on them since.   But it's just those that still seem fragile, everything else is feeling nice and healthy now thanks to all of you  :-*

So my main question is, which is least damaging?  Fading hair with a mixture that has developer in it or using a mild bleach bath?

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Re: Which lightening method to use?
« Reply #1 on: 04 Apr 14 / 09:57 AM »
Could you not try decolour remover and some of the other fading techniques before you go for the bleach? Lush Big shampoo really leaches the colour out of my hair I use that to fade before I re-dye my hair

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Re: Which lightening method to use?
« Reply #2 on: 04 Apr 14 / 11:06 AM »
Thanks, that's exactly what I've just done, I whipped up a concoction this morning using crushed vitamin C, baking soda, Head and Shoulders and olive oil.  It took out quite a bit though some areas are still too dark.  At the moment I've got a head full of Adore Paprika so I'll see how it goes.  My roots don't really need doing yet anyway so I'm just going to hold off on any bleach for a while. 

Ok I finished dying my hair with Adore Paprika, looks good but it's still too dark.  Even just paprika on its own adds a lot of depth to my hair.   I think maybe next time I should try a mild bleach bath first and get my roots at the same time.   though I'm a little nervous about that because I have some damaged pieces.  Maybe I could just wrap those in cling film and bb the rest..


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