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Orange to enchanted forest sparkle

Started by morbidpansy, 26 Mar 14 / 10:11 PM

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** moderator, if you feel this shoud be moved to another location feel free, also had to post twice as i can only upload 5 times in one post hope thats okay**

Hey this is how i went from being orange to the most amazing blue/green!

Upon dying my hair orange i knew it would be hard to get rid of, and for me bleach is forever out of the question now that I discovered colour rewind/ colour b4! I knew even with that it would be hard to get rid of it. This time with dying my hair a colour... i didnt have an expectation or a definant shade it would have to be. I completly was just experimenting! 

What I used:
1x provoke Hair Colour Remover (extra strength)
1x Directions Atlantic Blue
1x Direvtions alpine Green
1x Directions Turquoise
1x Lagoon Blue
1x Crazy Colour Peacock Blue
1x Apple Green

firstly i removed the synthetic dreads i made  that was orange with sme pink, you cant really dye synthetic hair but i tried anyway  of which gave the dreads lovely  purples and blues and greens!... i then at a latter date braught a bag of Petrol green jumbo hair from www.diversityhair.co.uk along with angelina fibre which will make the dreads sparkly!

Then i used the hair colour remover stuff which STINKS like egg and i still smell in my hair  everytime my hair gets  wet but I swear by this stuff.  I knew it wouldnt do that much to orange  but get it a little lighter and didnt damage my hair unlike bleach! I did have 2 boxes of the stuff but i thaught  one box  got it light enough and i can use the other on clip on hair extentions i have. I followed the instrustions and washed it out after about 40 mins i think and gave it a good rinse....


when my hair was still wet i applyed the colour that i had mixed together. I left it n for about 2-3 hours. my ears were blue/green and so were my hands so i looked a bit like a reptile. my nails were blue for Days my hands looked dead haha. 

the last few pictures are of my hair 2 weeks after. ive washed it 2 times ( idont like washing my hair often as its not great on the hair and after the wonders of dreads i realise how good natural oils are for the hair and how bad it is to keep washing these oils away) My hair hasnt faded much but everytime i have washed it more of the blue tones come through. I love it... i never ove my hair but i love it now!




I love this. Absolutely gorgeous colour wow!



it fades to a great blue and now when i top up its mre blue then green


You and your boyfriend are such a cute couple :3


Hi! Loved the haircolour ^^ Do you mind telling us what colours you used on the mix and the proportions, please?