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Author Topic: When you use 3-10 minute leave ins, do you wear a shower cap and stay in shower?  (Read 1658 times)  Share 

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Sometimes I just wrap my hair in a showercap and stay in the shower while the deep conditioner soaks in. I also count to 60 however many times I need because there is no clock in the bathroom.

Will the conditioning treatment be less effective because I am under hot water with a showercap? Is it better to shut the water, or get out of the shower for 10 mins?

What about purple conditioner or shampoo, does that work better/worse if I wear a showercap and stay in the shower under hot water?

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I'm not sure if it makes a difference or not, as long as it's under a shower cap and not being rinsed out I'm sure it will still work. Whenever I do any sort of treatment or colour I wrap it in cling film and then put on a beanie hat so I don't look ridiculous if anyone comes to the door :p It'll also soak any drips that come out from under the cling film, I will only wear it for hair stuff so it's covered in purple shampoo colours and now spots of red haha
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