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ColourB4. Question

Started by Ash, 07 Feb 11 / 12:48 AM

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Hello everyone :),
I was just wondering if anyone might happen to know the answer to my question about Colour B4. I've never used it, but I've been reading up on it as I'm planning to dye my hair this week and was intending to bleach it first to lighten it as currently my hair is a fairly dark brown. Anyway on all the websites Ive looked at they say Colour B4 removes the dyed colour and takes you hair back to your natural colour.
My question is, Over the last year I have dyed my hair various colours (red, black, purple, turquoise, and over recent months various shades of brown to lighten it). Therefore my natural hair now has quite a lot of different colours on it as I have never bleached or removed the old colours when putting new ones on. So does anyone happen to know if Colour B4 will remove all these colours, or just the most recent. As everything I have read doesn't seem to specify,
Sorry for asking such a stupid question,
Ash  :)


Colour B4 will probably take it to a orangey/browny state prehaps?

It could take it back to the colour that it was before your latest colour. It wouldn't take it back to the purple/black/red or turquoise. Most likely a orangey/brown like you've bleached your hair.


Thankyou for your opinions, That was what I thought it would probably do to. I just thought I'd get a second opinion before I actually went out and brought it and had a go.


No problem :) always helps to have a second opinion!


here's is a review of the product, so you can see what it does


i agree with kitty about it probs going orangey. here's the official blurb on b4

Has your hair received multiple colour applications and become dark and flat? Or if you have applied a dark brown, red or black shade (you just don't want) then Colour B4 Extra Strength can help. Colour B4 Extra Strength hair colour remover is the safest and most effective way to remove an undesirable hair colour.

Colour B4 shrinks the artificial dye molecules in the hair, enabling you to simply wash them away. What's more Colour B4 does not touch your natural hair pigment so you are left with the colour which lay beneath your artificial shade. Colour B4 takes you back to your lightest shade. It will return your hair to its natural colour if the artificial hair colour applied is darker than your natural level.

If the artificial hair colour applied is lighter than your natural colour, the natural pigment within your hair has been chemically lightened. Although Colour B4 will remove the artificial dye, you will still notice your natural hair colour has lightened. In this situation (and to re-create your natural shade) simply select a hair colorant close to your own natural depth and tone. However, always select by one shade lighter than your (natural) depth to ensure a realistic result.

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Thanks for your help, I've had a look at the link you put and read all the reviews. Think I'm going to have to give B4 Colour a go just to settle my curiosity of what colour my hair will go if for nothing else :)


coolio =) let us know how i turns out


Well curiosity got the better off my and i went out and got come ColourB4 this afternoon and used it. And I was shocked and pleased by the results if I'm honest. My hair went a caramel/ginger colour, and best of all went all the same colour instead of the varying light to dark dark brown I had before hand. Which I really liked and really had to debate if I wanted to put my special effects over because it was so nice.
I have a few photos of the before and after and will post them later to show you the results/.


yay! i like it when a plan comes tofether. you could alway leave the sfx a few days. can't wait 2c piccies


me to! unfortunately like most plans its just fell apart to, ha!.. I used to colourB4 and it went the caramel ginger but i thought seen as I've had a blonde hair dye in the cupboard for the past month I would use some of it and just brighten my hair a tiny bit more before I put my special effects on, which was the worst idea ever and my hair has now gone back to a two tone brown.. opps! :)


I'm planning on using Colour B4 ... I dyed my hair a bright orange about six months ago and have gone darker since, and given the description above, I think it may take it back to that?  Or would it take it back to the bleach before the orange?  I mainly want it to remove black streaks that are currently in as well as the darker reds.

And is it safe to bleach after Colour B4 if it doesn't take it back to almost-white?


the colour b4 will just remove the dye molecules, so if your base was bleached, the it should take you the bleach colour, maybe a bit darker. your fine to bleach after using b4, but i would wait a day or so, so the b4 has a chance to settle down


I agree with Pippa I'd wait a day inbetween bleaching and colour b4.

Anyway as promised here are my before and after shots. Im pleased with the results as I have dyed my hair so much in the last year I didn't think anything would happen.

Ps, sorry didnt realise Id made the photos so tiny :)


ooo i really like the new colour. i can see why you're torn as to wether to pop the sfx on. really suits you


That colour is gorgeous for an accident!


Thats what I think :D
Im planning to dye my hair Napalm Orange eventually, but this orange isn't half bad in the meantime