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Wella colour charm toner advice needed pls

Started by al1ce, 28 Feb 14 / 01:59 PM

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Hi, i am new to the forum, and in need of some urgent advice, i accidently baught the wrong toner, i thought i was purchasing the already mixed one but when it came today it was the liquid one like water wella colour charm t18, and it says you have to mix it with wella developer 20 vol, so i went on amazon and there are 2 types creme and liquid, not sure which to buy, surly you would mix liquid with creme not the other way around, also i already have a large bottle of creme developer 20 vol from when i bleached my hair, so my question is cant i use this? i read on amazon reviews for the wella toner that some people used their own and it worked fine, but want to ask here just to be sure, thanks :)


You should be totally fine using your own developer. The only time I recommend using the directed, same brand toner is when using a demi. Using 20 will lighten your hair a bit too. A lot of people have success using a violet/blue semi (like the ones sold here) and diluting it heavily in conditioner to tone, and that way isn't damaging at all
Always remember to consider what your hair is going to feel like after processing it BEFORE you do it! Test strands, treatments/oils are important when it comes to hair, but the most important thing is patience!


Thanks for the reply, and your hair is lovely, i use to be bright red...

I decided to do a test strand because i made a mistake the development cream i have is 30 vol not 20, so thought i best be safe, left it for 30 mins, and the hair went a light ash blonde, i want to lift my brassy blonde which i recently re bleached after 3 months from doing it, i am going to do my full head tomorow and will take a before and after picture, dont think i will leave it on as long though, thanks :)


Just make sure it's been atleast a month/4 weeks inbetween full strength bleaces as you risk severley damaging your hair. Also coconut your hair first as well!


Thanks pippa, iv had coconut oil on my hair all day  *yay* but then decided i am going to wait and order a 20 vol instead, think the 30 vol is too harsh for a toner and want to use what it says on the box, i love my hair and do not want to frazzle it, so soon as it arrives some time next week il post back with some pics hope it doesnt go grey  :o

Hi again, i used the toner just half of it and i barley had it on less than 5 mins and started to panic because my hair went grey so i quickly washed it off, big mistake it didnt work i was still yellow :( so i decided to do it again and this time i left it on 30mins like it said and did not look in the mirror, after i washed it i was pleased it did not turn grey and it did tone my hair down, its not as yellow now but still not as light/bright as i wanted it, and my roots are a slightly darker colour blonde like dull brassy, can anyone please tell me how i can lift it lighter, bleach wont work anymore because of colour build up, it just goes yellow, so want to stay away from that, one thing i have never tried is a blonde hair dye, will this work? or should i just keep to toners and hope eventualy it will lighten, i baught a big bottle of loreal silver shampoo which works great on the platinum highlights but not on the rest of my hair, wish i could get it all the one colour, or the rest of my hair match up with the platinum, any ideas would be appreciated.

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If your hair won't lift any more because of staining, there is no way to take it lighter.  The toner, as you have seen, will have reduced the brassiness of the shade, but you'll have to keep it at that level of blonde.  The only way to get hair lighter is to lift it, and your hair sounds like it has reached its limit, unfortunately.

Blonde hair dyes are essentially bleaches that deposit colour/tone as they lift, so they won't work if your hair is at a point that it can't lift any more.  You'll just cause a lot of unnecessary damage.


Hi thanks for the reply, but thats impossible, because my roots are natural not coloured, when they grow its just a medium to dark brown, every time i bleach my roots they go yellow not white, i thought all hair goes this colour that is what i have read anyway, and that is why toners are used, bleach does not make your hair white, i use a 30vol and would not use a stronger one, i love my hair its always been healthy and shiny, thats why i only use bleach on my roots, as fr my ends that have a bit of build up, i am not to worried as these will be cut eventually and its only the hair underneath, i realy want to try either a good toner or a hair dye but would like some advice as i dont want to waste more money, id just like a nice ash blonde or even very light blonde all over, does anyone know of a good dye or toner, im going to a wedding this weekend and would really like it done by then, thanks


I'll be honest, I don't understand what you're asking. Especially if Intemp wrong about what you're asking (though it looks to me like she answered the question you asked and you've maybe started thinking about something else..) Anyway, I'm confused.

But, the only thing I wanted to say is, hair can most certainly lift to white. Only it shouldn't. If it does then it's almost certainly gone too far.
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I am confused, too.  You said:

Quotebleach wont work anymore because of colour build up, it just goes yellow

If you have previously coloured your hair, your hair can get stained.  If that is the case, then it won't lift any more.  This is why it is very difficult for people who have coloured their hair darker shades of brown and black to get to platinum/bleached blonde, because the colour stains the hair.

If you are trying to lift 100% virgin hair (has never had any sort of artificial colour on it ever), then that's a different story.

Like Janine said, hair can go to white, but hair that goes to white is fried, so you never want to take it there.

It's difficult to advise where you go from here without further clarification with regards to what your have previously done to your hair.  Photographs may be useful, too.


I agree, a photo would help us be better able to help you more.

So your roots won't lift past a yellow + they are darken than your lengths? What bleach do you use for your roots?
Always remember to consider what your hair is going to feel like after processing it BEFORE you do it! Test strands, treatments/oils are important when it comes to hair, but the most important thing is patience!


Sooo sorry for the confusion, i could have explained better if i had read over my post, i can see how it has puzzled you, i meant both the build up on some of my hair and also the roots not lifting past yellow, i have posted some pics, before and after, i recently bought a bottle of Loreal Silver Shampoo its seemed to have toned the yellow down, but as you can see from picture its blended with platinum highlights/streaks, and a duller blonde inbetween, so thats why i was looking for something to blend it all in one colour if possible, i dont want the lighter streaks turning silver so thats why i thought i would ask here if anyone could suggest anything, thanks :)


and the rest of my hair pictures, this is why i think a dye may be best and not a toner, so i get an even coverage what do you think?

Just bought the preference very light pearl blonde and its blended the colour in evenly, very happy with results, thing because i wasted half of the colour charm toner that is why i didnt have enough for even coverage, but that stuff is quite expensive, for future ref does anyone know a cheaper way to tone, thanks

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