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Author Topic: Lilys Timeline  (Read 3676 times)  Share 

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Lilys Timeline
« on: 05 Feb 14 / 06:20 PM »
Decided it's time to do a timeline too, seeing I love looking at others pictures so much :)

Soo where do I begin...

That's when I was around 15, my natural hair colour (the kitty on the left xD)

Uuh yeah I used to have a fringe and it was always oily :/

I lightened them a little (my first ever dye job, and I can't even really remember) and put Turquiose strands (Directions turquoise). This was when I finished school

With no clue on how to spread it evenly and just one pot, I put it all over.

Then went with pink tips, for the gamescom. And I started growing out my fringe.

When I started work, it hadn't faded much. Except the pink, that was out like after 2 washes. I thought it would fade in 4-8 washes or whatever it said but the turquoise held 2 months xD So I went to a hairshop and asked, they gave me 40 vol and bleach powder. What can I say, my hair was fried. Oh btw, it's my ex bf

A little while later, and after a good cut, they look a little healthier :) still I don't quite like the blonde on me.

I did re-bleach my roots, but much weaker than the initial bleach job, so I had like yellow on top, to almost white tips (no pic of that)

Then I decided I want Blue again. Took lagoon this time. You can clearly see that the white roots went blue, the yellow top went turquoise.

Redid the colour with a little Neon Blue and a little pink mixed in, to combat the green-ness.

This is its fade, not too great, and still really uneven

At this point I bleachbathed to get a more even base for the next dye. It was funny, the pink sticked extra-well this time so I had weird pastel pink spots, while all blue was out.

Then put proper Neon Blue over, it didn't go as strong as I thought (+ new bf :) )

This is Midnight Blue with a little bit of Ebony

My boss was nagging me, I shouldn't bee too bright and stuff, and I wanted to try getting darker, so after an accident with Indigo, I put a blueblack demi over. Indoors it was almost black.

(sorry for the silly faces xDD )
The demi fades weird, it doesn't go lighter or darker, it just seems to loose shine, or maybe it goes greyer or so... I will update with an outdoor pic soon.
Wonder what silly idea I have next :)


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Re: Lilys Timeline
« Reply #1 on: 05 Feb 14 / 08:55 PM »
I love midnight on you! So pretty!

Have you looked into the pretty adore naturals?


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Re: Lilys Timeline
« Reply #2 on: 05 Feb 14 / 09:48 PM »
I'd say my favourite haircolour ever, and one I wore for quite a while, is that deep blue-black.  And it looks so gorgeous on you, you pull it off so well!  Really seems to bring out your eyes too.  Love it, Lily!


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Re: Lilys Timeline
« Reply #3 on: 06 Feb 14 / 01:18 AM »
Gorgeous colours :)


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Re: Lilys Timeline
« Reply #4 on: 06 Feb 14 / 07:17 AM »
Thanks all <3

Have you looked into the pretty adore naturals?
I thought about getting Adore blue-black. It's just kinda expensive with shipping, and so I'm waiting for my mom to finally decide what she wants so we'll share costs.

Btw, an offtopic question: my best friend (the girl in the left on the second picture, and right in the 6th picture) wants to get dipdyed tips, but can't decide on a colour. She's thinking either to bleach and use my leftover blues, or get a red perm. Any recommendations? :)

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Re: Lilys Timeline
« Reply #5 on: 06 Feb 14 / 09:39 AM »
Lovely colours :D

If she goes red, she's better off with a semi than a permanent because they last longer.


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