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Author Topic: Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Color Save Shampoo & Conditioner  (Read 2672 times)  Share 

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Hello my lovelies,

I got this Schwarzkopf shampoo, conditioner and intensive conditioner gift set for Christmas and hadn't used it yet because I wanted to use up my Naked range first.  It says it is Sulfate free and has all these natural ingredients in that help your colour stay 90% the same as when it is first dyed!  So I was very excited to use it.

Well I have used it twice or maybe three times once using the intensive conditioner and twice with the normal and I find it horrible.  When I use the shampoo it doesn't feel clean but when I use the conditioner and wash it out (I put loads on too) it feels like I haven't conditioned it at all and feels really knotty.  I even put the intensive conditioner on put a shower cap on and left it on for 10 mins and it still didn't feel as soft as when I use the normal naked conditioner.  My scalp also feels a bit ichy after I have used it and have a few spots around my hairline, my skin is quite sensitive so I always make sure I wash off any residue so I guess I might be a bit allergic to it, boo.

Its a shame as I think it was quite expensive, I might give it a couple more tries just to be sure as I have just dyed it so maybe that is making it feel dry but its never happened before.  Has anyone else tried it?  Did it work ok for you?

If I don't like it the next time I don't like having bottles hanging around the bathroom so if anyone else wants to try it let me know and I will send it to you, better than it go to waste?

Much love xx

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oh no =( im sorry hun. i haven't even heard of it =)
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