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Started by pastina, 22 Nov 13 / 06:38 PM

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my new favorite color.

mix of atomic turquoise, electric lizard, and a bit of rockabilly blue, all undiluted.

edited to add a picture in the sorta-daylight (it's snowing and dreary out here!)


Pretty colour, and it really suits your complexion :)


Lovely :) super jealous how long your hair is!



hey thanks.  i had done greens in the past that really washed me out-- iguana green for instance.  but adding the blue tones in has really made a difference, and it really is my new favorite!

and yeah, i'm really enjoying my length!  what's confusing is that it looks shorter in that top picture than it really is- it's about three inches away from waist length after the trim i got last weekend.  maybe my longer layers were behind my shoulders? lol


It's really pretty!


this is so pretty. I'm really jealous!


I miss your face!! I love it! I can't pull of greens and blues but I adore it! I want to go lighter, god what a pain! Get a facebook!


<3 aw, thank you cordy!  i've still got this color, and it didn't even fade much until i started trying to purposely fade it a few weeks ago.  ...i'm trying to figure out what i should do now since my roots are insane, and i don't wanna bleach.


Wow  :D such a gorgeous shade! *_*


It's really a pretty shade, and it suits you well!  :D