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Author Topic: Jilbere Tourmaline Series Flat Iron  (Read 3530 times)  Share 

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Jilbere Tourmaline Series Flat Iron
« on: 21 Nov 13 / 05:28 PM »

Available at Sallys in various sizes

The Jilbere Tourmaline Series Flat Iron produces negative ions that eliminate frizz and close the cuticle, creating smooth hair with a glossy shine

-Tourmaline Ceramic Plates
-Variable temperature control
-Fast heat up with no heat loss

The Jilbere Tourmaline Series Flat Iron features a floating plate design that guarantees 100% contact across the entire hair section with no gap between the plates. Hair is left straight, smooth and shiny with static electricity is transferred. A Mica ceramic heater provides thermal shock resistance for steady maximum temperatures with fast heat recovery.
 Even heat reaches temperatures up to 448F. The ceramic plates are infused with commerical grade Tourmaline which offers high gemstone hardness for a smoother plate surface with decreased friction.
 Tourmaline, when heated, produces a completely balanced ionic charge to eliminate all static electricity.The negative ions generated by the iron close the hair cuticle creating smooth, shiny hair while far infrared heat penetrates the hair from within, for gentler styling and healthier hair.
 Professional features include 40 heat settings, power indicator light, swivel power cord.

Let me just say, I love this flat iron.  *1*

You only have to pass it over a section once and its as smooth and straight as can be. Even with very curly hair, as long as you dont take huge sections, you only need to pass it over a section once, maybe twice if you didnt have even tension. And this leaves the hair straight and smooth for days. I straightened my hair right before going in for my c section and I was in the hospital for 5 days and my hair was still smooth and straight. Theres no puffiness or fluffiness to the hair after at all. So instead of using a different brand and having to go over the hair multiple times and touch it up with with the flat iron everyday, I'll use the Jilbere and my hair is straight for days. The smaller, 1in sixed one works great for curling the hair too. I wrap it around a section like I would a curling iron, or you can hold it up closer to the root and just twist it. It creates really soft, pretty waves. I know it's a little hard to see because my hair is dark, but here's the result from twisting:

I just love that the hair doesn't need to be gone over again and again, it's leaves the hair really shiny and smooth, I never have static, and most importantly, I got a LOT less damage using this one over an extended period of time than any other flat iron. I used to wash my hair every day/every other day and flat iron after every wash (I know, bad!) and I never had an issue with damage from it. Even after clarifying my hair and not using it for a month, my hair still felt great.

I've used countless brands of flat irons and this is my absolute favorite. I pray the company never goes out of business or stops making them. Even through the period where I used to wash my hair all the time and flat iron after, my hair was not as damaged as it was when I had been using other brands like Ion or Chi. I dont understand what all the fuss is about with Chi flat irons. I desperately wanted a Chi after hearing so much awesomeness about it, and I think it sucks! It is nowhere near the Jilbere! What a waste of $125! I was so irked after using it! I've had to use it for a couple periods when I had forgotten my Jilbere one at the salon or at a friends house, and I just hate it. The Chi always leaves my hair fluffy and unmanageable and makes my hair look and feel really damaged, like its fried. I reccommend the jilbere tourmaline (the titanium is great too)  to anyone that wants a flat iron or anyone that wants waves in their hair. It works great no matter what your hair texture is I've used it on African Americans, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, fine/thin hair, and everything in between), how thick or fine/thin it is, it works for everyone. I just love that you can control the temp so much too.
Always remember to consider what your hair is going to feel like after processing it BEFORE you do it! Test strands, treatments/oils are important when it comes to hair, but the most important thing is patience!


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