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Author Topic: Very diluted Directions Turquoise over Yellowy Orange Hair... Electro Mermaid  (Read 5758 times)  Share 

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Right! Here's a little hairstory on how I got to electro mermaid.

* Have always dyed my hair bright box red over natural dark brown hair. Bleached, went odd orange. Threw some Fudge Purple over it and it was a deep purple for a while. It faded quite quickly and I was left with chunks of purple and odd orange/brown chunky highlights.

* I waited about 7 weeks from the initial bleach to bleach again - giving my hair a LOAD of loving in between - this time, coating my hair in coconut oil for half a day before bleaching - definitely made a HUGE difference from the previous bleach.

* I got all the purple out and went to this deliciously fugly yellow/orange you see.

* So I thought, what the heck and grabbed my 1 singular tub of Directions Turquoise (first time user) and realised that I would probably need at least 3-4 tubs if I was going to use it undiluted. As I'm from NZ, I have to order online to be able to get it and it's pricey. So I mixed my 1 tub in with at least 3 tubs worth of conditioner.

And this is what happened. It was a bit more blue in the beginning and this photo is at the 3 week mark. Now I'm at the 5 week mark and I've got a tinge of ginge showing through. But overall, was stoked with the result.

QUESTION - To get rid of this, after using a colour remover, should I bleach bath or do a full bleach, based on how coloured my hair currently is still and what it looked like after bleaching?

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It looks lovely!

Regarding bleach bath vs full bleach, I'd say do a strand test on your hair--turquoise really stains quite a bit, and your hair has already been through a lot of processing from your previous permanent dyes and subsequent bleaches.

What colour are you aiming to go next?

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I think it looks great! Especially for being so diluted over the base you have! I am impressed with Directions turquoise!

Before you bleach, I would try some fading treatments first to get as much of the color out as you can in the safest way. After that, I would try a color remover. I've heard a lot of people have success with Decolour Remover on directions turquoise. After trying all that, then I would resort to a bleach bath.

Here's some fading treatment techniques:

Always remember to consider what your hair is going to feel like after processing it BEFORE you do it! Test strands, treatments/oils are important when it comes to hair, but the most important thing is patience!


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Thanks ladies! Goal is to go pastel purple at some stage but I feel like I'll just end up orange after the next fade/bleach so I might go turquoise again. I'm unsure. Any recommendations??


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Nice colour :)

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It looks really good, I'm surprised it covered that base so well :)
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