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Mermaid :D

Started by Ruby-haze, 10 Sep 13 / 06:59 PM

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Here is my mermaid hair. Micro loop extensions and turquoise (with some midnight blue streaks)


Beautiful, love the waves too :)


so pretty! the extensions look so natural
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I need to add a few more to the sides I think. They're not as uncomfortable as I thought they would be. I slept on them ok, but this is probably because I finished them at 2am and was exhausted haha


ahh its gorgeous!! :D cant wait for my dye to arive so i can dye mine.



Oh my goodnesssss!! They are beautiful! I'm so tempted to have blue hair again!
Please keep us updated with how the extensions are! We're they ok for your OH to put in?


He was not happy about the late night haha! He put then in really well though, it was easy but really time consuming.


Ahh!  that looks amazing! You're making me want to skip the purple and just do all over turq! Very pretty :)


This is lovely! Bravo to hubby!


this looks absolutely lovely, and I wouldn't have guessed you were wearing extensions either


It's really pretty!


love the colour! what make/colour is it?