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Author Topic: What do you think.... Acceptable colour for the village peeps?  (Read 2760 times)  Share 

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Hi, what are your thoughts on this colour?  I love it!! Have I just convinced myself its not to 'out there' if you know what I mean.. ?

Sorry photos aren't right way up!!


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I think it's beautiful.

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It's very lovely...but I might be biassed cuz I'm a similar colour at the moment  :-D
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Lovely :)

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It's really pretty :)


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That's a lovely shade!  :)


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It's gorgeous, what is it??


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I really like it! I do think that it's not too out there as well, although I think we've all developed a pretty high tolerance for what is out there or not on these forums, it's all a matter of perspective, really! But either way it's a beautiful shade :)

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I like it - what did you use? x


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Hi, thank you for your replies..... Well it's a bit if all sorts. I started with a permanent magenta dye over blonde highlights. My hairdresser did this.  The ends were a little porous so we put a mix of crazy colour pinkimisso and hot purple. This evened it out.... I wanted it a bit deeper so we put another mix of crazy colour on... It went far too purple so we did a very small bleach bath and put on some raspberry beret fudge paintbox.  I know paintbox has not had many good reviews but it seems to be sticking to my hair!!!! The colour has turned out fantabulous!!! Xx


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