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Author Topic: Crazy Color Pinkissimo & Paint Box Pretty Flamingo= pretty pink hair!  (Read 4246 times)  Share 

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Hello, this is my first post! I Have been enjoying all your lovely coloured hair photos for the last few weeks & now I can share mine :) I had a permenant Wella copper in my hair, used Jobaz colour removed & it was a huge success. It left me with a yellow blonde. Had my hair done last night. Had 2 bleach baths done & a mix of Crazy Color Pinkissimo & a touch of Paint Box Pretty Flamingo mixed with conditioner & I love the colour!


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It's a really pretty colour :D

Be careful with your hair, though, as we don't recommend to bleach bathe more than once every week or two.


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It's beautiful!


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intemp Is totally right.the colour is gorgeous though!


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It looks great on you! :)


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Thanks girls :) yep, I have read not to bleach more than once in a row but I just went along with what the hairdresser was doing. My hair seems fine so seems to be ok this time


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So many hairdressers double process :( well at least now you can just chuck the pink on top whenever you want to redye! And it'll only be your roots that'll need to be done now in a month (or 4 if you're lazy like me haha)


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gorgeous colour


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That's a really pretty shade of pink!


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