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adding photo to post, resize?

Started by herpsrule, 29 May 13 / 12:07 AM

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Hello all! I was wanting to post a couple of pics, of how I had my hair a couple of years ago,  but it seems they were too big in filesize.. they aren't the best in quality, as I took them with an old phone, so I don't want them to be too big anyway.

Now my question is how would I resize it from my new phone? (Samsung galaxy note 2) is there a suitable android app for it? I don't have the net hooked up at home, just my phone. Otherwise I'd just use photoshop! Photoshop is awesome, alas not on the phone though...

Thanks for the help :)

Natalie :3


You will have to either download your pics from your phone to a computer to resize them or upload the pics from your phone to a web host (like photobucket) to resize them there.  From there, you can either resave them to your phone or once you've hit 30 posts, you can post a link to the image on the web host.

Depending on your phone model, some do allow you to edit photos on the phone (zoom and crop) or even apps, but you'd have to Google your phone model and see if there are instructions to edit pics on your particular device.

Hope this helps!


Thanks :) I've had a browse on my app store and there are a few available but they dramatically reduce file quality..I might just have to use my computer and transfer back.
I don't have a photobucket account,  never really thought I'd need one lol