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Author Topic: Pin up Hair  (Read 3752 times)  Share 

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Pin up Hair
« on: 31 Mar 13 / 07:59 AM »
i adore the 50's hair. i wish i had the experience to do  the hairstyles. also i want my hair just a little bit longer and i am a big fan of Dita Von teese.


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Re: Pin up Hair
« Reply #1 on: 27 Jul 13 / 04:20 PM »
Hey Delilah, I've been doing vintage/pinup hair for a few years now, and I can tell you that all it takes is learning the techniques and some practice!

Resources (you're going to have to work with me since I don't have enough posts yet to link URLs!)

The Fedora Lounge (, specifically this thread that I started to round up some great tutorials for the members, as they were spread all over the place:

And another awesome one is Lisa Freemont Street, she does a lot of great YouTube tutorials.

I hope that helps you :)


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Re: Pin up Hair
« Reply #2 on: 19 Oct 13 / 03:59 AM »
Although I personally do not like the Pin Up hair style, I saw this post and it automatically remind me of a celebrity who I adore, who can rock the Pin Up hairstyle... Karmin!!!  *1*


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Re: Pin up Hair
« Reply #3 on: 30 Oct 13 / 05:40 PM »
I love the pin up style I've just started growing my hair again so I can start wearing my hair all pin up XD

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Re: Pin up Hair
« Reply #4 on: 03 Nov 13 / 12:21 AM »
I got a book by Lauren Rennells called Vintage Hairstyling and i just love it. it shows + explains step by step what to do. It was almost $40 though but i finally got it earlier this year
Always remember to consider what your hair is going to feel like after processing it BEFORE you do it! Test strands, treatments/oils are important when it comes to hair, but the most important thing is patience!


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