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Directions Hair Lightening Kit?

Started by raivoloution, 01 Dec 10 / 04:35 PM

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The instructions say 'do not leave past recommended time' but states no time! :c anybody have any idea how long I should leave it on for? I have darkish-brown hair... the lightener is 40 vol.


You could put it on and just keep an eye on it, watch it as it lightens?

Maybe try not to go over an hour, I haven't used directions bleaching kit but the bleach that I use says not to go over an hour even on dark hair I'm unsure of the bleach volume in it though.


Okay, thanks c: I will keep an eye on it but it's my first time bleaching myself so understandably a little worried! x


Right, I would say don't leave it on for very long! 40 volume is very strong and can really harm hair. Keep an eye on it definately, but dmaybe rinse after 30minutes. I don't want your hair to break off haha.


c: I *think* it will work out ok, my hair is fairly dark but it doesn't seem to damage easily..? a couple years ago i went bright red to white blonde and green (three bleaches and dye!) and it was fine after... so fingers crossed c:


I would double check all the packaging, inside the box etc as most bleach kits will have full and complete instructions in there saying the maximum times the bleach should be left on for.  If there is definitely no information then here is a rough guide for Manic Panic 40 Volume Bleach and although they are different brands the timings for this may be similar to the directions one as they are both 40 vol (i've only linked to this as some time guideline, even for a different brand, is better than no guideline).  I cannot stress enough that these are approx timings so I would check it very regularly whilst the bleach is on the hair.  You may also want to check with the seller of the directions bleach about the timings especially as it's your first time bleaching and you want to make sure there are no problems.
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Ahhh that's great thanks I emailed and phoned them but they aren't being terribly reliable :\ I think I will go with making sure I check it lots and stuff c: xx