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what are the history of gambling game?

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Gambling is thought to have started around 5000 BC, when the first games of chance were played in China. In the year 500 BC, the first book on gambling was written by Confucius, and in the year 200 AD, the first official rules of all the games played in the Roman Empire were developed. In the sixteenth century, European settlers brought gambling to North America, and in the seventeenth century, the French and Spanish even banished gamblers from their colonies .Gambling has been around since the beginning of human history, and almost all civilizations have indulged in it. The Chinese emperor and philosopher Confucius, considered by many to be the 'founder of society', was a big gambler. When he died, his enemies even accuse him of having gambled away China's money! The first signs of gambling were revealed in the excavations of Mesopotamia, where a two-sided disk with numbers and 12 rectangular pieces were found. The disk has two numbers, while the rectangular pieces are six, three, two and one. The Mesopotamian people have developed a game known as “Game of the Ur-Nammu”. The game was played with the rectangle pieces. The game was played with a few rules. If all the rectangle pieces are one side or the other, the players will have to swap their places. However, if one of the pieces had an in between numbers, the player will have to leave it in the original place. The game is a form of gambling in which the player have to select the number that is closest to 10.


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