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Author Topic: How To Prepare Hair For Bleaching  (Read 19175 times)  Share 

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How To Prepare Hair For Bleaching
« on: 15 Oct 11 / 01:55 PM »
I have bleached my hair probably about 20 times. (baring in mind I am 16!) This is quite alot of bleach for my hair, but thankfully I still have a full head of it, it is shoulder length, and it feels lovely :)
So the 2 most important things to consider when bleaching your hair is preparation (before bleaching) and re-structuring/moisturising (after bleaching).
Here's how to prepare your hair for bleaching..

Step 1
Starting about 3-4 weeks before you plan to bleach your hair, start using an intensive shampoo (try Aussie 3 minute miracle or Tresemme luxurious moisture) every time you wash your hair.

Step 2
Once or twice a week, do a deep conditioning treatment on your hair (try Tresemme re-structuring mask). Dampen your hair, towel dry, then smother your hair in the mask. Leave on for as long as possible (at least 30mins) then wash thouroughly.

Step 3
A couple of days (preferably less than a week) before you bleach, go to the hairdresser (or get a friend to do it) to have an all over trim to get rid of any split ends.

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Re: How To Prepare Hair For Bleaching
« Reply #1 on: 16 Oct 11 / 03:57 PM »
Thanks for that.

It's also important to keep up the conditioning after the bleach as well. Bleaching will, sadly undo some of the good work you've already done but if our hair was in great condition before you bleached then it's easier to rescue it afterwards.

Also, conditioning is something that shouldn't be over done as that's just as damaging as not conditioning at all. Some conditioners leave harmful residues that damage the hair cuticle if they're not washed out or given the chance to wear off properly.
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Re: How To Prepare Hair For Bleaching
« Reply #2 on: 03 Jan 12 / 11:10 PM »
you can also use a hairmask from an african shop for damaged hair because they relaxe there hair they use good repare masks


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Re: How To Prepare Hair For Bleaching
« Reply #3 on: 06 Jan 12 / 02:19 AM »
you can also use a hairmask from an african shop for damaged hair because they relaxe there hair they use good repare masks

This is true, I always go into the african hair sections in the Sally's Beauty because their protein treatments and grow products seem to work way better. A lot of their products have coconut oil in it, which is great

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Re: How To Prepare Hair For Bleaching
« Reply #4 on: 20 Apr 12 / 08:20 PM »
I really damaged my hair with bleach about 4 years ago I took me forever to grow out all the damage and had to keep it short for ages and I said I'd never let my hair go through that again!!! I managed to get it all natural again but just could not resist eventually dying it again loll (I am now crazy red)

I found out about using *virgin* coconut oil on hair before bleaching and I gotta tell ya it saved my butt and my hair! NO damage from bleaching! It prevents certain chemical reactions from occurring during the bleaching process which cause most of the damage.

You saturate you hair in it before applying bleach or permanent dyes, do NOT wash it out, just apply the treatment directly over the oil. I also use coconut oil as a deep conditioning hair mask. It's waaaay better that using any manufactured conditioners because, as Mathurine said, they can do more harm than good sometimes. Argan oil and Coconut oil are said to be the only two oils which are able to penetrate the actual hair follicle therefore conditioning the inside of the hair not just the outside! I swear by the stuff!! every week I apply it as an over night treatment and before and after bleaching my roots. My hair is now past shoulder length and very healthy. I regularly trim it myself too. :)
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Re: How To Prepare Hair For Bleaching
« Reply #5 on: 21 Apr 12 / 05:05 AM »
Thanks for posting this Magenta, wish I had known as much about haircare in my teens!

Agree with RockinLollipop that coconut oil is an amazing intensive conditioner, protecting hair from protein loss during washing and bleaching. This is down to the lauric acid content; palm kernel oil and babassu oil are rich sources of the same fatty acid. I have heard that said about argan oil many times, but it is mostly oleic acid with lesser amounts of linoleic acid so is actually quite similar in composition to cheaper olive and almond oils. HTH!  ;)
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