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Author Topic: Hair Extensions  (Read 14015 times)  Share 

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Re: Hair Extensions
« Reply #100 on: 30 Jul 14 / 09:29 PM »
Could you get some cheap ones just to experiment with and see if you like them? (I know nothing about extensions haha)
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Re: Hair Extensions
« Reply #101 on: 31 Jul 14 / 11:58 AM »
Yeah, i guess i was thinking that i would only want to wear thick ones which i can dye & i know the Lush ones are meant to be good quality

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Re: Hair Extensions
« Reply #102 on: 31 Aug 14 / 02:29 PM »
Does anyone know where I could get some good priced ombré extensions??
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Re: Hair Extensions
« Reply #103 on: 27 Aug 15 / 04:53 PM »
I love for hair extensions. I always use this company and I always order the double wetted sets. I think they are great quality and the weight is cheaper than other websites.

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Re: Hair Extensions
« Reply #104 on: 15 Mar 16 / 10:00 AM »

I want to extend my hair to make it look like this. BUT I know that I have to buy only natural hair and it is quite expensive.
Plus I can wear it for two weeks tops, and after that I need to go to hairdresser again and pay for correction.

On my wedding I bought semi-natural hair and it was OK for one time use, and after that I use it in styles like this.

But to make my hair look like the first photo I guess I'll have to grow it... And it will take like ages!!

Or maybe I'm wrong and it's not so expensive as I think?

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Re: Hair Extensions
« Reply #105 on: 21 Feb 17 / 06:24 PM »
I always wanted to do extension but...they dont make them long enough lol. My hair has consistently been between 28-32" long for the past 11 years. I always wanted extensions i could dye different colors and stick in my "normalish" colored hair.

Anyone else have this problem and if so what did you do? I thought  about cutting my hair but  *ott*

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Re: Hair Extensions
« Reply #106 on: 04 Mar 17 / 01:19 PM »
anyone know best place in UK to buy micro loop extensions?
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Re: Hair Extensions
« Reply #107 on: 15 Nov 17 / 04:53 PM »
Please visit for wigs and hair extensions.


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