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Author Topic: Colour B4 Information  (Read 97866 times)  Share 

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Re: Colour B4 Information
« Reply #275 on: 09 Aug 17 / 11:36 PM »
So I've been trying to find information about Colour B4 on very (bleach) damaged hair for a while now without finding much, and after saying eff it and going for it, I figured I'd share the good news with anyone wondering about the same thing: It didn't make my hair any worse than it was before. And when I'm saying very damaged hair, I mean absolutely fried hair that had broken off in several places and takes about seventy years to dry and when wet resembled sewer goo more than actual human hair. Really bad, y'all. And I Colour B4'd it two times, then dyed it, then Colour B4'd it again as the dye took waaaay too much and it went back to brown again. The dye did worsen my hair, but as far as I can tell, the Colour B4 did nothing to harm it. It felt worse afterwards because Colour B4 strips all the oils from the hair as opposed to my no poo-regimen elsewise, but not much, and it went back to normal after some deep conditioning and letting the natural oils return. Obviously I was hoping (*cough* praying) that it wouldn't damage my hair a lot, but I'm actually quite surprised at how well it went! I thought I'd have to nurse it back a lot more than I have.

Of course, I probably wouldn't recommend it for people with severely damaged hair, the best is obviously to leave your hair the heck alone and let it recover (or just cut it all off if you can pull off short hair) but in my case, it didn't worsen my hair and I'm really pleasantly surprised with the product! I really thought it would be more drying.

Just one thing, which, to be fair, I've had problems with before wrecking my hair as well: I find the colour reoxidises a lot. Not back to the original colour, but it's visibly lighter before I shower vs. after, despite rinsing for a long time in scolding hot water, using the buffer solution three times. Anyone got input on how to avoid that? I'm thinking about going at it again, as I want my hair as light as I can get it (it was a light blonde before I dyed it, and now it's a dark/medium, golden blonde) but I don't want to waste time and money just to have it the same colour.

Oh, and I can attest to it not doing anything to your natural color. I had a bit of regrowth before using it the first time and my natural colour didn't budge one bit. Loved it! The peroxide in the dye did make my roots a bit brighter so now they're a lovely yellow shade though.  ;D

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Re: Colour B4 Information
« Reply #276 on: 30 Aug 17 / 07:47 PM »
I had schwartzkopf rose gold for a while and then put their bright pink on top which was fine but then I had to go back to school so I used colour B4 and now my hair had gone blue/grey neither of which are colours I've used before and I just want it back to my natural pale blonde without damaging it. Should I try using it again? I need it sorted fast because I'm not allowed unnatural colours at school


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