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Author Topic: Not a Goldilocks Wig but a dark blonde - or any blonde!!!!  (Read 145 times)  Share 

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So - I wear wigs (but that is another story).

I have this human hair wig which was natural colour (apparently, not pre-dyed, but who knows for sure).  I decided that I want to go for a dark blonde colour.

I have at the moment bleached it with Schwarzkopf BlondeMe 40% developer- I had it on for around an hour or so with Olaplex.  I am happy that they hair still feels quite nice and soft, - for me - so far so good!

At this stage I have the wig is golden - and I need to get it to a nice dark blonde - or even light blonde if I can - I don't really mind, I just dont want the Goldilocks look!

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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