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Author Topic: Hair inspuration needed - adding black to purple hair  (Read 231 times)  Share 

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Hair help! I've currently got purple hair. I've bought some black hair dye and I've cut my full fringe into a side fringe. I think I want to keep my fringe purple and then dye the rest black but I don't want to just leave my fringe purple as it won't blend. I also considered doing the front section as purple or the ends of my hair purple. Any ideas? I'd like to avoid the emo kind of look.

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Re: Hair inspuration needed - adding black to purple hair
« Reply #1 on: 10 Dec 17 / 03:40 PM »
I used to do a kind of quarter head section. So half my fringe and some of the side hair Iíd dye one colour and everything else another. I donít have a picture right now as they were all on photobucket and Iím not sure I have access to the account anymore!

Edited to add, maybe you can see this?
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Re: Hair inspuration needed - adding black to purple hair
« Reply #2 on: 14 Dec 17 / 04:14 PM »
If you want to avoid the emo look, i would recommend black roots to purple lengths. Too much black and you will get the emo look.


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