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Author Topic: Fire Ombre/Red Hair Help!  (Read 310 times)  Share 

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Fire Ombre/Red Hair Help!
« on: 11 Sep 17 / 11:34 PM »
Hey guys! :)  Looking for someone who might be able to help with shade/tones of red and helping me describe what I want done to my colorist because I have no clue about most of this stuff!  I got a (gorgeous) fire ombre done a few weeks ago and it is very very vibrant and I believe the color used was a magenta based red.  Attached two pictures!

While it looks great and I love it in certain lighting when I'm looking at my hair-- in other lighting it looks -very- saturated; the top of my hair is actually more purple than red.

I want to stick with the fire ombre route because I love the concept; but I think I'm looking for something a little less saturated while still being a very dark red on top.  Attached photos of the references pictures I showed my colorist as well.

Any ideas for what I should be asking for the next time I go in?  I don't know if I need a warm dark red instead of magenta, a brown-red, etc. I love the color palette this model has but I simply have -no clue- what kind of red that's called or how to ask for it.

I also know I want to have dark red in 80% of the hair, just a small amount of the orange-red, and then getting the tips bleached.  But the color itself I'm really at a loss for how to ask for!

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Re: Fire Ombre/Red Hair Help!
« Reply #1 on: 12 Sep 17 / 09:26 AM »
I don't think you really mean saturated. If it's not saturated, it's faded and lacks colour...

But it does sounds and looks more like you want a warm or orange based red than they've given you. Which is more fire than pink based! So, they need to use a different shade of red. How you ask a hairdresser for that I don't really know. I don't go to hairdressers to do it!

I guess you'll just have to ask for an dark orange/warm red on 80% of the length with only the very tips being lighter. Pretty much what you said! Take the photos and talk about them again. If you haven't got what you want, explain that. Exactly what you said to us other than the saturated bit and talk about warm reds. See if you can make a consultation appointment so you don't feel pressured with time before a normal appointment.
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