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Author Topic: how to get white platinum blonde hair  (Read 387 times)  Share 

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how to get white platinum blonde hair
« on: 30 Aug 17 / 08:37 PM »
hi all,

i am trying to get my hair white blond like my friend has here.

i go to a hairdresser every 6 weeks who does my roots. i go to her as when i used to bleach/tone my own hair- i started to get breakage at the crown.

the problem i have with my hairdresser is not only does my hair get banding as my hairdresser only seems to be bothered that my hair is lifted & not to bothered about the banding. The other problem is the
colour even after toner doesn't look white enough
it looks a nice light blonde but the roots look yellow.
i ask for the toner to be left on longer but doesn't make that much difference.
how would you get your hair platinum the colour i would like it?
i have used purple shampoo- great on roots, on ends it grabs & goes grey.
i have tried toning with L'oreal richesse- iced milkshake & pearl milkshake & i get toned disn a lot but it looses the lightness & actually darkens. i will post 2 more photos to show you the l'oreal iced milkshake result.

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Re: how to get white platinum blonde hair
« Reply #1 on: 30 Aug 17 / 08:42 PM »
so these are results of the iced milkshake
& pearl milkshake toners. a nice shiny blonde that is not yellow but not really the platinum white i would like.

am i better trying wella t18 white lady with developer?
If so, do i apply this all over like very carefully as it has a bleach creme in it? can this give me breakage?

or am i better using the panic/virgin snow toner?

what stage am i better at using the toners at? shall iwait a bit now as just used iced milkshake?

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Re: how to get white platinum blonde hair
« Reply #2 on: 30 Aug 17 / 08:54 PM »
this photo is an example of the yellow roots & slight yellowness of the overall colour.
generally i'm pretty happy, i'd just like it quite a bot whiter.
if anyone could advise what products they would suggest?
i hate it when the toner has been left on too long & it goes grey.

thanks xx

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Re: how to get white platinum blonde hair
« Reply #3 on: 30 Aug 17 / 08:58 PM »
I'm afraid to say,not everyone can get white hair. I've never been able to. My best result, without ruining my hair, has been as good as your middle photo. My experience has been much the same as yours with grey bits too. I wouldn't use t18 because it is very damaging and that will go either lilac or grey on the ends as well. Or worse. If you've had breakage before, this is likely to also cause it. You might have to make yourself content with what you have or risk having all your hair cut off.

As for the banding, I'd go to a different hairdresser.
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Re: how to get white platinum blonde hair
« Reply #4 on: 30 Aug 17 / 09:31 PM »
thanks Janine

my hair iS naturally pretty fair. Toni & guy once got my hair white but it was so long ago i can't remember what they did lol.
hob salons in london also got it white- i think they bleached it and then bleached bathed it very gently.
i remember the toning took ages.


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