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Author Topic: Bleach bath semi-disaster  (Read 357 times)  Share 

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Bleach bath semi-disaster
« on: 17 Aug 17 / 11:01 PM »
This wasn't my first bleach bath - and previous times I've done them everything was fine.  But this time I didn't
follow advice (and I knew better besides), but I didn't fade out my previous colour build up before doing my bleach bath.  I'd been using Adore colours and used dandruff shampoo to fade out the dye.  It did fade pretty much but I knew it wasn't faded enough.  Stupidly I went ahead and did a bleach bath anyway.

My hair turned out a florescent shade of orange I've never seen before!  Almost shocking.    *boo*

Luckily I had a bottle of Adore mocha handy and used that along with a touch of cobalt blue to neutralise the crazy orange.  But this isn't the colour I wanted!

Today I used Colour B-4 which got rid of the orange but turned most of my hair into a bright wild yellow.  I was surprised it was as light and bright as this!  I used a colour refresher I found at Sally's beauty called 'Cool brown'  mixed with conditioner which toned down the bright yellow but the colour to me still seems odd, almost green.

I think tomorrow morning I will use more of the cool brown colour refresher, I hate to add red again as I'm trying to get away from red, but if it still looks green in the morning light I may need to I think.

The moral of this story is don't cut corners - do things properly or risk having to do twice as much work!


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Re: Bleach bath semi-disaster
« Reply #1 on: 18 Aug 17 / 10:36 AM »
You'll have to add red as it'll keep pulling green. Adding more cool tones just adds more blue and on yellow, that makes green! You don't need much. You could even try ketchup.
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Re: Bleach bath semi-disaster
« Reply #2 on: 18 Aug 17 / 10:18 PM »
Thank you, I have some reddish washout colour I can put on it, funny how I worked so hard to get rid of the red and have now gone so far the other direction that I have to add red back ;)


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