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Author Topic: Need help on how to remove blue from hair  (Read 375 times)  Share 

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Need help on how to remove blue from hair
« on: 13 Aug 17 / 12:02 PM »
Around 3 months ago I started dying my hair with Directions Midnight Blue and Violet and I loved it at the time. I haven't dyed it in about a month now because I was to go back to my natural brown colour. After washing normally with shampoo and conditioner the dye started to fade, especially in my fringe, but now it just won't seem to budge. I've tried washing up liquid, baking soda, and head and shoulders separately and mixed together for about 2 weeks, sometimes doing several washes in one day and not much colour is coming out at all. I've recently started using Vosene and I did a hot oil treatment last night and I could see colour coming out in the water, but my hair doesn't look any different.

Can anybody help please? I don't want to have to buy a colour remover or bleach because I'm short on money at the moment and don't want to damage my hair. I bought a brown dye 2 weeks ago and did a strand test but it just made the hair a slightly darker green.

More info: I bleached my natural brown, then put the Directions dye on top. I now have 1.5 inch brown roots with a green fringe and the rest of the hair is teal. I've attached photos of what it looked like when first dyed and what it looks like now.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Need help on how to remove blue from hair
« Reply #1 on: 15 Aug 17 / 04:29 PM »
Hi! The method shown in this thread:,13842.0.html

Is great for pulling stubborn colours out of hair. You will need to buy bleach powder but you can get sachets of bleach powder from boots or similar shops for pretty cheap. There are lots of before and after photos in the thread so you can see some people's results.
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