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Author Topic: Adore Ash shade  (Read 359 times)  Share 

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Adore Ash shade
« on: 27 Jul 17 / 09:02 AM »
Does Adore still carry a brown dye that is not warm/reddish?  I have been adding a little Adore to conditioner to tone my hair but so far the Browns I've tried have had more red tones than I was hoping for.   I've currently been using mostly Adore Mocha.  Seems there used to be a more ashy shade?
(In the meantime people have commented they like my hair colour so maybe I ought to leave it as it is LOL)

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Re: Adore Ash shade
« Reply #1 on: 27 Jul 17 / 11:29 AM »
What colour is your hair at the moment?
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Re: Adore Ash shade
« Reply #2 on: 27 Jul 17 / 05:42 PM »
I would say a light brown/dark blonde with some blond bits from previous highlighting.   After a bleach bath last week it maybe looked a bit orange.  I'll probably do another bleach bath in a couple weeks. 

After doing some reading I see that Adore Medium Brown is the ash brown shade though I don't see it on the BeeUnique website - I do see it sold elsewhere.  On some old posts here people have said that Mocha is an ash shade but it most definitely is warm based. 


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