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Author Topic: One n Only shampoo and conditioner  (Read 196 times)  Share 

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One n Only shampoo and conditioner
« on: 25 Jul 17 / 08:25 AM »
I had previously been using Dr. Organicīs wide range of SLS free shampoos. They have a bunch of different scents, and are all affordable in my area, but, I believe they are high in Protein. While the conditioner left my hair soft the shampoo was really hard to lather and left it very dry.  So I looked for a alternative and following the advice from Instagramīs hair dying model Lauren Calaway, I tried out One n Onlyīs shampoo and deep moisturizing conditioner. I absolutely love both. they are SLS free and even if I Forget to apply conditioner, the shampoo leaves my hair soft. When I apply conditioner and leave it in for an hour, my air is HEAVENLY soft. I love it. Itīs a bit pricey and I have to buy it online, but they have big bottles and to me, ist worth it!


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