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Author Topic: Dye Blonde To Brown??  (Read 449 times)  Share 

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Dye Blonde To Brown??
« on: 13 Mar 17 / 02:07 PM »
Hey All,

I recently just bleached my whole head to a very pale yellow (including roots) then toned with T18 and the new silver titanium by joico! The result was a actually lovely - platinum silvery!

Whilst I love the whole blonde look, I actually think I would look better with some dark back through the tops and roots but on the reverse not sure if you can just dye over bleached blonde hair with brown? = green?

I've picked up some demi's - 7NA Medium Natural Ash (Goldwell) & 8.13 Light Ash Beige (Diarichesse) as I really liked the look of them. Aim is to have a natural ash medium shade.

Will they go nicely over my bleach blonde hair? OR should I have picked up ones with gold and red in them? As you know, It took me ages to get rid of the warm roots before, so I didn't want to pick up anything too warm.

I also have some old pigging fillers (indola colour mouse red) and the QuickPig spray in yellow - or will those not necessary? Ideas or thoughts welcome!

Thanks in advance x x x

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Re: Dye Blonde To Brown??
« Reply #1 on: 17 Mar 17 / 09:45 AM »

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Re: Dye Blonde To Brown??
« Reply #2 on: 20 Mar 17 / 12:41 PM »
The 8.13 is probably fine as you are going two levels darker and there is a secondary tone of beige which should counteract the ash grabbing too much.

Depending on the brand, ash can be grey, green, violet. If you hair no longer has the underlying contributing pigment because it's bleached, and if the colour line has a strong ash pigment designed to cancel out the hair's natural pigment, then this is what could leave you with green (or grey or violet) tinged hair.
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Re: Dye Blonde To Brown??
« Reply #3 on: 31 Mar 17 / 08:27 PM »
Hi thank you for your response!

I actually test tried a 8/8N and it was pretty much a nothing colour, didn't really show up very much. I guess I'm looking for more of a obvious root drag (or smudge as everyone is calling it) - as I am naturally a 4/5 and have a 9/10 hair I am wondering if I should go 5/6 on the roots with 6/7 mids than into the 9/10 light blonde.

I tested out a 66/0 on 1/2 inch of my roots and am thinking just getting a 7N for the mids so no chance of greens or greys? do you think that would work?

thanks again for the reply


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