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Author Topic: B Red  (Read 53 times)  Share 

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B Red
« on: 02 Mar 17 / 10:16 AM »
Hi,  I use b red and directions,  but wonder could I put B Red in with my conditioner without the bleach?  I'm thinking that should keep the colour longer? 

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Re: B Red
« Reply #1 on: 02 Mar 17 / 10:26 AM »
Ive never used this brand but from what I found on google, it has to be mixed with developer. This type of dye wont work without being activated by the developer so it wont make a difference if you add it to conditioner.

Directions on the other hand can be mixed with conditioner as it is a direct dye.

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Re: B Red
« Reply #2 on: 02 Mar 17 / 10:28 AM »
No. Do not do this. It's pointless and possibly damaging. B Red will not add any colour without peroxide but it might still be damaging on it's own because of other ingredients.

Stick to what you're already doing (which I assume is using the B Red and topping up with Directions in your conditioner?). Though, I hope you're not putting the B Red over all your hair each time you use it. You need to just use it on your roots each time and top up the rest of the red with the Directions. If you're putting it all over every time you're damaging your hair more and more, so making it more porous. This will cause the colour to fade far quicker.

Here's a great thread on keeping hair colour vibrant,11009.0.html
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Re: B Red
« Reply #3 on: 02 Mar 17 / 01:59 PM »
I recommend using Special Effects reds to keep your colour topped up, they are the longest lasting reds I've ever used (longer lasting than any permanent red dyes). I would just use the B Red to colour your roots as they come through and then use an SFX red all over to combat any fading in the lengths. Mine used to last 6 weeks without using any in my conditioner or using any special washing techniques!
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Re: B Red
« Reply #4 on: 02 Mar 17 / 09:39 PM »
Ideal... Thank you.. 😊


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