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Author Topic: SOS: I turnt my hair green!  (Read 468 times)  Share 

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SOS: I turnt my hair green!
« on: 08 Feb 17 / 06:58 PM »
I'm currently in cosmetology school so of course I want to play around with me hair. It was a level 11, lightest blonde, and I decided I wanted to go grey. I used igora silver white toner with 10 volume. I thought I would turn out a pretty grey with blue undertones, but it was a disaster! My hair is yellow at the roots, a mix of blue/ green/ and grey in the shaft, and green/yellow on the ends. What can I do to fix it? Would it help if I put a purple base grey over it? Or should I do a bleach wash, or color stripper and start over? Please help! *boo*

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Re: SOS: I turnt my hair green!
« Reply #1 on: 09 Feb 17 / 02:41 PM »
sounds to me like your hair was not light enough. The blue in the silver dye and the yellow in the hair is what causes the greenish color.

you can use a color remover (NOT a stripper) to get the color out and then, in a couple of weeks I would try a bleach bath before dying again with a direct dye ( no peroxide) you can also use a purple shampoo to remove yellow tones before adding the silver color.
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Re: SOS: I turnt my hair green!
« Reply #2 on: 09 Feb 17 / 09:19 PM »
Yellow + blue = green.  You need purple to tone out yellow.  Have a read of this

And yep, try a colour remover first.  Remember to rinse rinse rinse with hot water, and follow up with a nice hydrating conditioner as colour removers are a bit drying.
Avoid anything bleachy (strippers, peroxide, ammonia) for a few weeks/a month or so.
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Re: SOS: I turnt my hair green!
« Reply #3 on: 20 Feb 17 / 09:01 PM »
I've gone trough the same problem... Well, I tried ColourB4 to look less "khaki", then I had a green undertone (it was still better than before). The next day I went to the hairdresser and she bleached my hair (using also some red). In the end I had a blond rosť - look at my profile pic - (and got rid of the green).... good luck to you!


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