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Author Topic: What kind of blonde is this?  (Read 419 times)  Share 

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What kind of blonde is this?
« on: 05 Feb 17 / 09:30 PM »
Hi guys,

Maybe some of you will recognize me (yeah that girl with a failed dark grey ombré). After using ColourB4 Extra on my khaki hair (thanks to the hair dresser by the way), my hair went dark blonde with grey shades. After another bleaching and a glossing, my hair ended up as shown in the pic (with green background). Now they have this strange blonde that I can't define.
1. What kind of blonde is this? Sometimes they have a touch of rosé...

2. Would it be unwise to use a white toner on them? Bleaching is definitely out of my mind, but I don't know if I can tone them in a few days/weeks. (my highest wish would be silver or white or silver-lilac, but light ash blond would also be fine)

Hair history: natural black, dyed red (until 2015-2017), 2x bleaching +olaplex+ dyed dark grey (12. January), ColourB4 (19. January), 1xbleaching+glossing (24. January)


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Re: What kind of blonde is this?
« Reply #1 on: 06 Feb 17 / 10:29 AM »
It does look like it has a slight rose cast to me; perhaps something like a rose gold would be a nice colour to try? It doesn't look light enough to me to tone to white or pale silver, particularly towards the top.

Most people here tone with a small amount of direct dyes mixed into some white conditioner (purple to counteract yellow tones or blue to counteract orange tones)as it's not damaging and you can experiment with mixing the best colour for your hair. However if your hair isn't light enough those parts will not tone to white, they will tone to an ash shade slightly darker than their current colour.
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