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Author Topic: Garnier Whole Blends product line?  (Read 2134 times)  Share 

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Garnier Whole Blends product line?
« on: 12 Mar 16 / 10:40 PM »
I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Garnier's "Whole Blends" product line?

More specifically, I've been really interested in the "Honey Treasures" products in that collection. They smelled wonderful, but are they worth the money?

I got some pictures, including the ingredients on the back of the packages. They LOOK like good quality ingredients to me, but I'm not very knowledgable on that subject. They claim to be paraben-free, and to not contain any sillicones.

(Also, super cute packaging.)

Would the honey in these possibly help keep blonde hair bright and pretty? I don't think there would be enough to actually have any lightening power, like the natural honey masks that many people use to lighten their locks.

Any thoughts/reviews?

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Re: Garnier Whole Blends product line?
« Reply #1 on: 13 Mar 16 / 08:58 AM »
I use the coconut conditioner quite often. It's quite nice. I find here it's on offer 2 for the price of one at least every other month, so I get it then!

Are you sure that one says its silicone free? I'm pretty sure I see one there. Amodimethicone. This is one of the better ones as it's easy to remove, but that doesn't make it silicone free. Oh, and I just spotted dimethicone too, in the shampoo. Again, another ok one as far as I remember, but still not silicone free. Others in the range are though, the coconut one doesn't have silicones. Don't assume because it's on one bottle that it covers every product.

There's no way the amount of honey in this, which is probably tiny (if really there, I'm always a little sceptical), will have any kind of lightening/brightening effect. Honey has some natural hydrogen peroxide in it, that's how it lightens hair. Your need quite a bit of honey and to leave it on for a while, so I dint think this will make any difference in brightness.

All in all, it looks ok. I would only use the conditioner myself. Not the shampoo or mask. I find silicones in shampoo to be pointless. And I'd buy it when it's on offer. There's probably better ones out there though.

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Garnier Whole Blends product line?
« Reply #2 on: 13 Mar 16 / 05:28 PM »
Yeah, I use some of the conditioners from this line when they're on offer. The one in the pink and white bottle (for dry damaged hair or something) works really well on my hair and is cone free.

I basically agree with Janine, conditioner is fine on offer but I wouldn't bother with the other stuff. I co wash as well so I don't use shampoo.

Edit: the ones I think are quite good are the nourishing repairer and silky smoother conditioners :)
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