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Author Topic: CreaClip hair cut – VERY picture heavy!  (Read 5025 times)  Share 

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CreaClip hair cut – VERY picture heavy!
« on: 07 Apr 14 / 04:38 AM »
Hey everyone, a few weeks ago I purchased a set of CreaClips, and after hours of trawling the YouTube tutorial page ( and a few of bouts of tech-rage, I decided to upload my experience with it here for all to see :]

This trim was literally just to get rid of any split ends and damage caused by bleaching, but you can take off as much as you need to. Also, I didn't do my fringe in this trim, purely because I trim it every two weeks to keep it out of my eyes :3

So, here was my hair BEFORE the haircut:

And here was the equipment I used:

Note: I also used a standard hair tie that you'll see later on but that I forgot to photograph, sorry! I also apologise in advance for my dye-splattered bathroom.

Step 1: Spray and brush your hair so it's free of any and all tangles

Step 2: Flip your hair over so you look like Cousin “It”

Step 3: Clip and lock the CreaClip

Step 4: Drag the CreaClip down your hair and MAKE SURE the spirit level is even, then trim to your hearts desire! Remember; the further down the CreaClip is, the longer your hair will be

You can also add texture to your hair by cutting in upwards or diagonal motions

Step 5: Release your tresses and brush them down

Step 6: Section and clip an upper section of your hair on both sides to create additional layers

Step 7: Flip the upper section forwards, just as you did before

Step 8: Clip and lock the CreaClip, and drag down the same as before and begin trimming

and texturing

Step 9: Release and brush your hair (again)

Step 10: Voilΰ! You're done! Here was my hair after the trim :]

The picture doesn't show it well, but the CreaClip has automatically created layers around my face which I find brilliant, and also by adding a second layer, it's added a lot more volume to my otherwise fine hair ^_^
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