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Author Topic: Soap & Glory 'Archery' eyebrow pencil review  (Read 2831 times)  Share 

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Soap & Glory 'Archery' eyebrow pencil review
« on: 17 Mar 14 / 07:41 PM »
Being quite blonde naturally and having *ahem* over-plucked my eyebrows over the years, I have tried umpteen amounts of brow pencils and products, so I decided to invest in an eyebrow pencil a little more expensive than I could usually justify (10 from Boots if you're in the UK).

As far as I could see, they come in two shades; Love is Blonde and Brownie Points.

The first thing I noticed having bought it home is that it's got not one, but two applicators; a waxy, thick crayon style pencil and a thinner brush with a coloured stain inside for filling.
This is great for my needs because I can use the thin brush for colouring in my bald patches, and the waxy pencil for an overall finish and it tends to keep my brows in place, too (Quick tip: use a cotton bud/q-tip with a little hair spray to secure any stray/longer hairs).

The staying power of this product is also pretty good, I've been everywhere from out with friends in warmer weather to caught in a typical British shower with this stuff on and it hasn't ran or sweated off.

The only little qualm I've found with this is that when you use both ends of the pencil it tends to get a little darker than what I'd call 'blonde', but your eyebrows are supposed to be darker than your natural colour anyway so this isn't a major issue.

Overall, I'd give this product a 9 out of 10 :]
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Re: Soap & Glory 'Archery' eyebrow pencil review
« Reply #1 on: 19 Jun 14 / 03:40 PM »
Thanks for the tip!

Def getting my hands on one of these as i tend to overpluck too >.<

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Re: Soap & Glory 'Archery' eyebrow pencil review
« Reply #2 on: 19 Jun 14 / 03:44 PM »
I find all the eyebrow pencils I've ever seen in the drugstore or highend brands very very dark.. Even the blonde ones are super brown. I love very, very light eyebrows, I bleach mine and would like to find a pencil that's like a very pale beige ashy colour, but I think I'll have to create one of my own before any brand comes up with light coloured eyebrow pencils lol :D


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